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Drones making the inspection and asset management landscape for utilities

Phil Christensen, senior vice president of reality modeling and cloud services for Bentley Systems, has seen how drones coupled with reality modeling have improved efficiency on several grid-related projects worldwide. Read article

Towards a digital twin of infrastructure: on the cusp of efficient reality capture of underground utilities

Public safety is at risk whenever the location of underground infrastructure is unknown or inaccurately known. Putting this in the context of smart cities, where data in the form of a national digital twin becomes just as important as physical assets, it is essential that a national digital twin include above and below ground assets.  Read article

Connected Data Environment Primer: What Every Board Needs to Know

Owner-operators of long-lived infrastructure assets have developed ways of working and business processes that place maximum value on minimizing risk.  Understandably, this mind-set makes boards cautious about implementing change.  Then, add their complex IT environments and their chronic struggle for funding.  However, they must change. So, how do they define a connected data environment? Read article

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